2100+ Happy Customers
Beginner Friendly
High Accuracy Ai Software
2100+ Happy Customers
Highly Rated Indicators
Ai Trading Robots
2100+ Happy Customers
Firestorm Ai
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22,500+ Happy Customers
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22,500+ Happy Customers
+700 5-Star Reviews
30 Day Guarantee
2100+ Happy Customers
Beginner Friendly
Highly Rated Trading Bots

2000+ Happy Clients

Firestorm Ai + 
Firestorm Indicators
Providing you with outstanding accuracy!

SL, Entry, Take Profit 1 & 2 Signals Sent right to your phone! 

No Computer Needed, You can trade with them anywhere.

Only Company for the past 3 years with an Accuracy Meter 

on every chart, doing all the backtesting for you.

Stock Options & Binary Options Friendly as well, 

running on any chart & any time frame. 

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Whats in Firestorm 
Trading Academy?

  • Firestorm Indicators

    Signals sent to your phone, with a live accuracy meter on every chart.

  • Firestorm Odin V2/V3

    Our Top Rated Trading Robot πŸ€– That uses our Firestorm Ai, Comes with step by Step Video Training & Course Community!

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  • Firestorm Scalper V5 

    Our Grid Hedging Bot πŸ€– Known for making 71% in 1 month on a propfirm, Comes with step by Step Video Training & Course Community!

  • Firestorm Typhoon V1/V2

    Our Newest Ai Robot with a Very High Accuracy & Runs on Nas100, Comes with step by Step Video Training & Course Community!

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We have over 2,100+ Happy Clients


Our Ai Trading Robot Reviews From Our Clients

Our Clients Video Reviews:


About Our Products

Firestorm Trading is here to provide you with the best trading tools, automated trading bots & knowledge out there. To help you feel confident in taking your trades. Whether you are trading in Binary Options, Forex, Stocks, or Indices. Our indicators and methods work on all charts and timeframes, our AI-automated trading bots can also run 24/5 and comes with step-by-step training.


Three years ago, we introduced Firestorm Indicators to the world of trading, a game changer that set a new standard in the industryπŸ“ˆ. 

Since then, not a single company has stepped up to show their accuracy the way we do, and the reason is simple - 

they can't match up! 🎯

Key Points:

  • 97%

    Our Ai Bots have the same type of accuracy as were, showing 78%-97% Profit using our set files provided.

  • 84%

    Of our clients are beginners, that move to being advnaced traders using our step by step training videos.

  • 92%

    Our Indicators Accuracy Ranges between 78%-92% Depending on the chart and time you place it on. 

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More Benifits Of Firestorm.

πŸ”„ Universal Trade Copiers: Seamlessly copy trades across major platforms - MT4, DXtrade, cTrader, Forex.com, Oanda, MT5, and MatchTrader. Maximum flexibility, zero hassle.


πŸ™Œ Easy Setup & Personalized Guidance: Quick start with step-by-step training and proprietary set files. Tailor the bot to your trading style and preferences.

All Prop Firm Friendly πŸ₯³

With our products here at Firestorm Our products can work almost on any broker and Prop Firm Account. Using our trade copiers as well. 

When you get started with any of our products you will get access to our set up videos, and recommened prop firms and brokers!

We’re a whole different breed.

Discover the Future of Trading with the Best Automated AI Trading Tools from Firestorm Trading!

Firestorm Academy

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Live Accuracy Meter for Indicators

Actual Ai Embedded Trading Bots

Trade Copiers

Full Step by Step Course & Community

Signals Sent Out for Indicators

Recommened Brokers & Prop Firms

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get all 5 indicators when i purchase the $49 Plan?

Yes πŸ™Œ You get access to everything with the Course & Community, the $795 is the discounted lifetime option. 

What is the difference between between all of Firestorm Bots? πŸ€– 

Firestorm Scalper V5 - is a grid hedging bot embedded with our Firestorm Ai πŸ€–Comes with Step by Step Beginner to Advanced Training and set files inside our course & Community, Minimum account balance to start with is $1500


Firestorm Odin V2/V3 - Is a single entry & optional multiple entry bot. Can work on $500 accounts, and has Firestorm Ai toggle switches that leave you the freedom of not having to worry about set files. Comes with Step by Step Beginner to Advanced Training and additional set files inside our course & Community


Firestorm Typhoon V1/V2 - Is a Single Entry Ai Bot that can run on a $100 account and does more swing trading styles. Comes with Step by Step Beginner to Advanced Training and set files inside our course & Community

When i purchase the bots, do i get lifetime access to it?

Yes, whichever bot you choose to purchase, you get lifetime access. 

Do you have payment plans for the bot? πŸ€– 

Yes, when you get to our checkout you can checkout with Affirm, Klarna, or After Pay and get up to 18 month payment plans from them. 

Can i do this as a beginner with ZERO knowledge?

Yes you can, you will get step by step beginner to advanced training learning the terminologies and more. 

Any further questions?

Contact our live support on our website here in the bottom right hand corner that says "CHAT" 

We are online between 8am EST - 6PM EST