Firestorm Odin V2/V3 + Setup Tutorials + Discord Community

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  • Firestorm Ai that sets the SL & TP Automatically For You

  • Runs 24/5 

  • Equity Protector, News Filter, & Time Filter

  • Step by Step Set Up Videos & Settings Provided

  • Access to our Course & Community

Ready to learn more about AI ? 

The Odin V3 AI Bot comes with access to an exclusive Discord community where you can connect with fellow AI enthusiasts and experts. This lively and supportive environment offers a platform for you to ask questions, share your experiences, and learn from the collective knowledge of the community. With members always willing to help, you'll never feel lost or overwhelmed on your journey to mastering the Odin V3 AI Bot online! 

Customizable with Training on Each Setting

☝️ This bot is a little more complex with lots of never seen before, fully customizable inputs.

Beginner Friendly

You will get access to step by step beginner video training inside our course and community.

Firestorm Ai Feature

🤯🤯 We also have a very UNIQUE & POWERFUL Firestorm AI integrated with this BOT! (meaning if you just want to set the lot size and turn on the Firestorm Ai, it will do all the work for you, and bring in a 86%-100% accuracy depending on the chart.)🤯🤯

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What about Brokers & MT4?

Well lucky for you, we have that all handled. Even though our Bots run on Metatrader 4 we have set in place:


🔄 Universal Trade Copiers: Seamlessly copy trades across major platforms - MT4, DXtrade, cTrader,, Oanda, MT5, and MatchTrader. Maximum flexibility, zero hassle.

Coming Soon: Ninjatrader 


🙌 Easy Setup & Personalized Guidance: Quick start with step-by-step training and proprietary set files. Tailor the bot to your trading style and preferences.


✅Students Results Firestorm Odin on a Live 200k prop firm

(STUDENT MADE A MANUAL TRADE AND TOOK A LOOK A COUPLE TIMES, that’s why there is a slight dip):


✅Firestorm Odin V3 on 100k demo with US30:

✅Firestorm Odin V3 on 100k demo with NAS100:


✅Firestorm Odin V3 on a small personal LIVE account using


✅Firestorm Odin tackling a 200k FTMO challenge trial:


✅Firestorm Odin tackling a 100k FTMO challenge trial:



Why Firestorm Odin V2/V3? 🧐

Our automated trading robot has features inside that no one ever talks about in the trading industry and giving you the ability to fully customize every part on how this bot preforms, making it very different from other bots out there. 


Most companies put you on a "trade copier bot" where you dont get access to their bot, and you don’t get true lifetime access life they claim. Its looks like your typical bot, but doesn’t t give you full control... 


But with us. You get Full Control & We teach you all about it and the terminology of it, on the side of our step by step video training.

Firestorm Ai? What is it?

Its our automated Ai Robot that scans very unqiue parts of the market, 

using a some Smart Money / ICT Concepts and so much more. But the really cool part about what we did with it inside of Odin V3 is we made it automatically, Trail Stop Loss, Place Stop Loss, & Adjust Take Profit to get the MAXIMUM out of your trades, automatically done for you with 2 little switches you turn on. 

Prop Firm Friendly?

YES 100% , You can use this bot to pass challenges just like one of our clients here Jenn did! She made 3k in 4 days using Firestorm Odin V3 on an FTMO account. You can use this bot on demo and live accounts with prop firms. 

You get the most here at Firestorm 🫡

We have many clients that cant believe what we give here. Our clients have see other companies out there that don’t bring in nearly what Odin V3 does, but at the same time. Most of them don't give you the actual bot. They give you a "copy" that looks just like a bot, but really they run the back end. Here you get to customize and learn everything to build your empire with Firestorm. 

98% Customers Are Satisfied

Trusted By More Than 
2,000 Customers Globally

Clients Video Reviews

watch below to hear what our clients think!


Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support ask our live chat in the bottom right hand corner. 

How Do I Get access to the community?

When you sign up you will get an email to access our course and community.

Is This Beginner Friendly?

Yes it is, we have step by step video training on how to set everything up. 

Do I Need a Laptop?

Yes you need a laptop to set this up.

What if this is confusing to me and i have no idea what this is?

thats ok! 80% of our clients are acutally beginners and had no idea, but wanted to jump in. We have step by step video training for beginners and terminology training. We even have live trading sessions uploaded for you to be able to rewatch.

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